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Pueblo Water quickly responded to a main break that occurred at approximately noon on Thursday near the intersection of N. Greenwood Street and W. 12 Street.

Water service was interrupted in the 500 block of 12th Street but should be restored early this evening, Pueblo Water Director of Operations Matt Trujillo said. Service was restored to the 600 block of N. 12th Street shortly after the break was discovered.

Pueblo Water will schedule street repairs of the affected area and appreciates your patience, cooperation and understanding regarding this main break.


Service has been restored to 600 block of 12th Street and customers there have water service. 500 block remains out of service until repair is made. Estimate right now is 2-4 hours. Locates are complete and crews are starting excavation. 


PDATE – July 18, 2019 1:36 P.M. - WATER MAIN BREAK AT 12TH and GREENWOOD

PUEBLO – At approximately noon on Thursday, the Board of Water Works was alerted to a water main break near the intersection of 12th Street and Greenwood Street. Service areas affected included the 500 and 600 blocks of 12th Street.

Pueblo Water crews responded immediately and were working to isolate the affected area to just the 500 block of 12th. Director of Operations Matt Trujillo said the break was a 12-inch A.C. break and that there was not a significant loss of pressure from the break and that a Boil Advisory “was unlikely at this time.”

Pueblo Water will provide updates as warranted with this situation. Pueblo Water appreciates your patience, cooperation and understanding regarding this main break.

Thank you.


1:14 p.m. This is an alert from Pueblo Water: A water main break has occurred near 12th and Greenwood in Pueblo. Service may have been interrupted or affected in the areas served by this water main. Pueblo Water Team members currently are assessing the situation. We will post updates on this situation as they become available. Pueblo Water appreciates your patience, cooperation and understanding during this incident.

"Every Board of Water Works employee wears a photo ID when on the job. If you are contacted by a service person claiming to be from the Water Works, make sure they are properly identified before allowing access to your property. Pueblo Water will not contact you over the phone to verify personal information. If you have any doubt about a worker’s identity, please call our Service Department at 543-2217 to verify it’s a legitimate service call.  We’re here for you!"  
Important Information Regarding Your Security

To stay aligned with PCI standards and ensure we continually provide our customers with the most secure and robust payment system possible, we have upgraded the security protocols used by our online payment system.  These upgrades enable TLS 1.2 and disable TLS 1.0 and SSL.  TLS 1.0 and SSL are being officially retire on July 1, 2018.  In order to continue to use the payment system, you may need to upgrade your internet browser and/or operating system.

Here are the minimum requirements to access the bill payment system.

  • Windows 7+

  • Internet Explorer version 10+

  • Google Chrome version 22+

  • Mozilla Firefox version 27+

  • iOS version 9+

  • Safari version 7+

  • Android Operating System version 5.0+

If you're attempting to make a payment on our automated telephone system, please note that your account number must include any leading zeros. The portion before the dash must be six digits (012345) and the portion after the dash must be six digits (012346). Please note that the prompts have changed on our automated Phone System..  

Pueblo Water has upgraded its utility billing system. The upgraded system now allows us to offer superior service to our customers including faster response times, enhanced billing information, and online service requests.

Click here for Sample of new bill - How to Read

Wastewater Adjustment Program

If you would like to water during the wastewater adjustment period or if you experience a leak in your home's water system that results in higher water use than is normal. Please click here to request an adjustment, or call Customer Service at 719-584-0250. For more information read more about the adjustment process...

Lead information made available to public

As a result of ongoing media coverage of the health crisis of lead in the drinking water in Flint, Michigan, many people across the nation who have never questioned the quality of their drinking water may now be wondering, “Is MY water safe?”

To answer that question for Pueblo Water customers, a brochure (see accompanying document) has been developed to provide information on what the potential health concerns from lead exposure may be, how Pueblo’s water quality is protected, and how those who may have some lead content in their premise plumbing can keep that lead from affecting their drinking water. This is important information for us all to know. If you have questions or concerns on this topic, contact Don Colalancia, Division Manager of Water Quality, Treating and Pumping at 584-0265. Click Here for more information.

Mission Statement

Service Line Repair Program

The new Service Line Repair Program, created by a new policy adopted by Pueblo Water’s Board in May, 2015, provides for repair or replacement of water service lines between the main and the meter set that meet the requirements of the Program. Read More

 Water Quality Report pdfREAD MORE

 Wise Water Use

 Read more about the Read more about the

Street Repair Utility Enterprise Fee

On October 9, 2018 City Council approved the following fee structure for all properties within the City limits. Beginning February 1, 2019, there will be an additional line item on your monthly water bill issued by the Board of Water Works for the Street Repair Utility Fee. This fee will apply to every residential unit and business as described in the table below.  Click here to read more, STREET REPAIR UTILITY ENTERPRISE FEE

We Have a New Look!

As part of its customer information sysem upgrade, Pueblo Water has redesigned its monthly statement. Click Here to see a sample that will help you understand the changes to your monthly bill.

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